Fringe Folk, Roots, Rock and artful Pop

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Hi Folks - Sorry for the delay in getting updates to you. I've been quite busy over the last few months – and I realize that I haven’t been very good about keeping people in the loop. Sometimes, to pull off big things, one has to put head down and focus on the task at hand at the expense of seeming aloof. Something like that… 

In a nutshell, I’ve moved from the city to the country, reconfigured my means of employment, found a decent school for my six year old son and wrote an album’s worth of songs – all in one giant step. The ch-ch-changes started as more/less a leap of faith ended on a successful note. I can’t complain…
Now that things have settled down a bit... I’m looking forward to a fresh round of multi-media romping with Sane Lunatic Productions. I’m back in action, as they say... Please be sure you're signed on to the email list for updates.
Lastly, to all who have supported my music across these last few months: THANK YOU. To see that people were listening and steadily purchasing my music while I was incommunicado really put wind in my sails. THANK YOU for such RESPONSE. To quote one of my old songs, the encouragement goes a long way (“Life Story”)! 

The new album is finished! It's called 21st Century Slavery and it is available for listening and purchase exclusively at Bandcamp!

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Sane Lunatic Productions is a social enterprise involved in pursuing creative solutions for staging art, publishing written works and manufacturing product. Based in Oakland, California. 

Fringe Folk: lyrical, unsentimental Folk music spiced with Roots, Rock and artful Pop. Jonny Mac writes original story-songs built from a toolkit of traditional skill, quick wit, humor, and keen observation to tap into the core of human experiences. Seasoned by years of countless performance, the sound is alive and thrives in the fresh air of rock clubs, out-of-the-way theaters, road houses, brew pubs, community cafes, niche hotels, ethnic restaurants, street fairs, art galleries, independent cinemas, progressive schools, house parties, business seminars, farmers markets, record stores, book stores, thrift stores, liquor stores, halfway houses, parks, parades, protests, subways, weddings, day cares, who cares... These songs have been everywhere, and they continue to push for a good time direction in quality music and entertainment!" - It Burns Media


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