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July 3rd, 2015


We re-cut the above "Say What" video to time it down from it's original promotional form. Check it out! 

New Blog post: Music is Imperfect

In other news...

The Far Corners album and movie "This is Everything" is right around the corner. This could be the last offering from the band as everyone is losing their mind! But, the upcoming album features the best sounding music put out the Far Corners to date. It will be a treat when it finally arrives. Also, Sane Lunatic Productions is collaborating with It Burns Records to help bring the promotional film home. It was supposed to be out already, but as I said, everyone is losing their mind! 

Listen and buy Jonny Mac's latest record 21st Century Slavery at
To all who have supported the music : THANK YOU. It's going a long way towards helping me make the next one! 

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Sane Lunatic Productions is a social enterprise involved in pursuing creative solutions for staging art, publishing written works and manufacturing product. Based in Oakland, California. 

Fringe Folk: lyrical, unsentimental Folk music spiced with Roots, Rock and artful Pop. Jonny Mac writes original story-songs built from a toolkit of traditional skill, humor, and keen observation to tap into the core of human experiences. Seasoned by years of countless performance, the sound is alive and thrives in the fresh air of rock clubs, out-of-the-way theaters, road houses, brew pubs, community cafes, niche hotels, restaurants, street fairs, art galleries, independent cinemas, progressive schools, house parties, business seminars, farmers markets, record stores, book stores, thrift stores, liquor stores, halfway houses, parks, parades, protests, subways, weddings, day cares, who cares... These songs have been everywhere, and they continue to push for a good time direction in quality music and entertainment!" - It Burns Media


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